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My name is Sheresa Grate and I moved to Bartlesville from Houston, TX 12 years ago as a freshman in college and have loved calling Bartlesville home ever since! Growing up I loved watching my grandma and aunts cook dinner for our large family gatherings, always eager to help however they’d let me! As I got older that fascination turned into joy as I began to cook/bake for my family on a regular basis. After college, I decided that the perfect way to spend my first tax refund would be to purchase a beautiful blue KitchenAid mixer that remains to this day, my most used kitchen appliance! After years of baking for family, friends, and many college students who acted as my willing taste-testers, I decided to open an in-home bakery and earn some extra income doing what had become a passion and often my stress relief. When the opportunity came up for me to join the ladies in the kitchen here at 3 Kids and a CakeI was excited to jump right in! The atmosphere in the kitchen is so fun and getting to serve the lovely guests who come in every day makes it that much better